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Oh It’s On

The exact moment you knew you were grounded for at least a week.

Just End It

When you're too desperate to think things through.

Me At Age 22

Everybody lives their own life, but damn...

I’m Bad At Everything

There is no bad guy like me, just pick me.

It’s Lit

You just need to know the magic words.

Are You Sure You’re The Dad?

Sometimes the evidence is right in front of you...

You’re A Bunch Of Clowns

Don't come to me when it all comes crashing down again.

Hey Babe

Look at me vape.

Cigarettes Are The Devil

I think we can all relate to this one...


I'm not great at spelling, but at least I know how to spell "accident".

Handwriting 101

Sure, I'll buy this at the nearest nduiwblfeiUBFLNALKM shop.

You’re Hired!

When you know yourself so well, you know exactly what to say to get a job.


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