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Seems Not So Legit

That's when you know you're dealing with a respectable company.

The Earth Is A Fidget Spinner

Asking the real questions.

I Didn’t Die Again

Maybe next time I go to sleep I'm more lucky.

How Was Your Blind Date?

They want to know all about your date, and every little detail matters!

I’m Lazy But I Don’t Care

I'm lazy and I know it. But it just feels so good.

I Miss You My Lovely Dog

When you realize you can't be without your dog for longer than ten minutes...

Hard To Get

Playing hard to get, when you're actually hard to get. Because you are you.

Kanye Don’t Look Away

I'm Kanye, I look wherever I want.

How Do You Know?

Don't come in lying on our first date, my blind date.

No Memes For You Tonight

Tongue ring and huge yonkers, sure, but that's a big no-no.

The Coolest Of Coolest Guys

Don't ever let them know the real you.

Achievement Unlocked

When your PS4 takes over. Who else games like this?


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