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Collge Guy Towel Whipping Tricks

This college guy uses a towel like a whip. He has Indiana Jones skills. He pops water balloons, and turns…

Amazing Parkour PK Gymnastics Damien Walters 2010

Damien is a gymnastics god, bouncing off of walls and flipping around in this new Parkour gymnastics installment.  

Girl Gets First Kiss From Base Ball Star Tim Lincecum

At the Mets vs. Giants game on 7/17, this lucky girl received her first kiss from super star Tim Lincecum.

World’s Farthest Basket Ball Shot From Tall Building

Amazing basket ball shot from great heights. It's in.

Doogie Horner Stand Up Comedy – America’s Got Talent, Top 48

I love Doogie's style of nerdy comedy. Doogie makes jokes and the judges, even Piers Morgan, laugh.  

Arc Attack Performs Electric Iron Man Show – America’s Got Talent, Top 48

The music comes from the electricity. The guitar and instruments make music with pure electricity. The audience is amazed. The…

The Snufulpugus Song

Nice Pete performs the Snufulpugus song. His cute 2 year old blond friend dances along.

Rudi Macaggi Balances Over Moving Buzz Saw- America’s Got Talent, Top 48

Howie was scared, but the rest of the audience was shocked and amazed by Rudi balancing over a moving buzz…

Taylor Mathews Plays Acoustic Guitar, Sings – America’s Got Talent, Top 48

Taylor plays the guitar and wows the girls singing The Man Who Can't Be Moved.

How To Carry Your Books At School Animation

The Tale Of Mere Existence. God I hate school, and f those 'big, cool kids'. This guys explains how to…

Girl Launched By Swimming Pool Blob

You at camp there's that huge water blob, that bounces people around? Well a girl is waiting on the blob,…

Blonde English Man Freaks Out On Bus

I really have no idea, what he's saying, or screaming about. But it's funny. I love those double decker buses.…



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