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Poem Video – How To Be Alone

How to be Alone, by Tanya Davis (2009). There are so many situations when being alone is good. Society is…

Dancing Swedish Police Man

This police is nice enough to put on a little dance show for the tourist.

Robot Learns To Flip Pancake

Instead of making robots that can do certain tasks, it's better to make a robot capable of learning new skills.…

Race Car Eats Man

Wrong pedal! While preping for  a race, the technician is lifting the frame, when the driver hits the gas. The…

Exploding Watermelons – July 2010

These guys hook up some type of detonators to four watermelons and lets em go. KaBoom.

French Bull Dog DJ

This DJ dog is going viral around the blogoshphere again, unfortunately it’s a stolen copy of the original video:


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