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Sweet Sleeping Upside Down Dog

[rumble][/rumble] Two weeks ago when we were sitting on our room, Yoda was sleeping like he was doing yoga. More

Boy Sings to Face His Fear

[rumble][/rumble] During a vaccination in Dulig Elementary School, a six-year-old boy, Francis, conquered his fear by singing 'I love you…

Motorcycle Refuses to Fall

Motorcycle Refuses to Fall

[rumble][/rumble] This is a video of my friend Dave taking his motorcycle off of a skateboard ramp and eating it.…

New Guy Falls for Garbage Bag Prank

[rumble][/rumble] When you ask the apprentice to suit up in protective gear and grab a plastic garbage bag to catch…

Car Slides on Slippery Interstate Surface

[rumble][/rumble] There was a huge spill of some sort of mud or sludge in the left lane of 195 interstate.…

Wheelie Goes Wrong on Freeway

[rumble][/rumble] These bikers regularly meet to ride the streets and perform their best tricks. It doesn't always go as planned…

Man Tries to Fill up at Burnt Gas Station

[rumble][/rumble] While heading home from work I stopped at a light and witnessed this man pull into a gas station…

Giant Trevally School Encircles Diver

[rumble][/rumble] While looking at and following a tiny school of spotted Trevally a huge school of Giant Trevally which snuck…

Awkward Way to Carry Cargo

Awkward Way to Carry Cargo

[rumble][/rumble] While on an early morning drive, I saw this rider and his passenger was in an awkward situation carrying…

Puppy Dogs First Monday

[rumble][/rumble] Her name is the Yoda and her motto is; Don't worry be puppy. More

Cheering for Football Frightens Kitty

[rumble][/rumble] My cat got scared when we yelled at the TV and jumped. More

Donkey Plays with Popped Toy

Donkey Plays with Popped Toy

[rumble][/rumble] He had popped his new big ball and was having to play with all his old deflated ones. More



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