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Jimmy Fallon And Paul Rudd Recreate Styx Music Video

Every fan of Jimmy Fallon knows that he's simply obsessed with everything retro from the 80's and 90's. So while hosting comedian


Simpsons Couch Gag Intro Inspired By 1980’s Miami Vice

The intro for The Simpsons, better known as the Couch Gag, has managed to stay fresh after all these years with extended specials


Kung Fury 1980’s Action Comedy Movie

The 1980's were a wonderful time full of outrageous fashion and countless movies that were just so bad. The action


Jimmy Fallon And Dwayne Johnson The Rock Give Commencement Speech

Now is the time of year when kids of all ages happily put on their caps and gowns to graduate.


1980’s Sports-Drama Bloodsport Turned Into A Classic Mentos Commercial

Those born after the 80's might not remember the classic Jean-Claude Van Damme sports-drama Bloodsport. They probably also won't remember those upbeat


If Tinder Came Out In The 1980’s

The 80's were a magically time when home computing, workout dance videos, and even dating videos were born. Now, we have online


Jimmy Fallon And Pharrell Williams Put On 80’s R&B Performance As Afro And Deziak

Ahh, the 1980's. It was a glorious decade with some amazing music. Jimmy Fallon brought the 80's back to life on The


Saved By The Bell Cast Has Nostalgic Reunion On The Tonight Show

To say that Jimmy Fallon is obsessed with the 80's and 90's is an understatement. But that's OK, because most people


Hunger Games Stars And Woody Harrelson Spoof Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ On SNL

It's been almost 25 years exactly since actor Woody Harrelson has hosted Saturday Night Live back in 1989. As pop princess Taylor Swift's


Teens React To 1980’s Fashion

The 1980's were a very strange time. Modern technology like cellphones, microchips, and home computers were just beginning to spread


Literally Everything Else From Your Childhood: The Movie Trailer

Has anyone else noticed that Hollywood has no new ideas? It seems all they make these days are remakes of


Game Of Thrones Intro If It Came Out In The 1980’s

Most Game of Thrones fans have fond memories of the 1980's. Back then, there was no Netflix or HBO On