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Samsung Flexible Video Displays At CES

This already popular video from the Consumer Electronics Show of 2011 has started to trend again this week. IntoMobile published the interesting


Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami Victims Thank Nations That Helped Recovery

Japan has come a long way since the many devastating disasters that struck almost one year ago. But the Japanese are


Viral Videos 2011 Compilation

There really were too many viral videos in 2011 to count, and it's nearly impossible to see them all. So


Japanese Earthquakes Visualization 2011

The earthquakes and tsunami that struck Japan in 2011 were truly devastating, and the country is still recovering from the extended


One Backflip Everyday During The Year 2011

YouTuber Thetrollmasterflex says: "My Dad bet me $100 that I couldn't do one backflip (backflip, gainer, wallflip, etc.) each day of 2011."


Girl Creates Ultimate 2011 Super Cut Of One Second Of Video Per Day For The Year

Hey Rabbit shot a little video everyday in 2011, edited out just one second per day, and created this ultimate 2011


2011 History Told Through Twitter Post

With new tools like Twitter, everyone can instantly be connected to almost the entire world. News literally happens in a flash, and


TV News Bloopers 2011 Wrap Up Compilation

A viral video favorite that has been around even longer than the Internet is the TV news blooper. There's just


Zooey Deschanel And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cover What Are You Doing New Years Eve

The end of 2011 is closer than ever, and to commemorate the new year, actor and actress Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel cover


Pop Music 2011 Wrap Up Remix

The pop music industry from 2011 was packed with familiar faces, and a few new ones. Performers like Adele and


Best Viral Videos Of 2011 Compilation

Who better to make an epic 2011 viral video wrap up compilation than the viral video friends at VideoGum? 79


Jib Jab 2011 Wrap Up

Jib Jab, one of the Internet's first viral video creators even before YouTube, are back again to wrap up 2011.