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Ozzy Man Reviews: Best Of Ping Pong 2016

Even if you don't happen to find the comments by Ozzy Man Reviews entertaining - this is some pretty great


Best Of Skateboarding 2016

Nearly two weeks of 2017 have past already - time to have just another flashback of last year! Over 600,000


Worlds Best Yoyo Tricks Of 2016

Yes, yoyo is still a thing. The Wind Up put together this compilation of the best tricks on a chord


The Funniest NBA Bloopers Of 2016

Watch 16 minutes of highly entertaining footage from last year. This is even funny if you don't have anything to


Best of Dude Perfect 2016

Another best of going viral. This time the guys from Dude Perfect put together a nice compilation of the best


Hit Songs Of 2016 Played On Household Items

Just like in 2014 and 2015, YouTuber Andrew Huang performes the top hits of the year with household items. This


YouTube’s Top 10 Most Viral Videos Of 2016

Hypebeast put together a list of the ten most viral YouTube videos of 2016. From professional YouTubers to tv show


Your Most Favorite VVV-Posts In 2016

So here are the 15 posts you people somehow managed to click the most here on Viral Viral Videos this


What 2016 Would Look Like As A Horror Film

Friend Dog Studios present: "2016: The Movie (Trailer)". Trending right now with over 400,000 views already. Only one day left


Look At This Most Beautiful GoPro Shots Of 2016

Nearly four minutes of eye candy for you. These best shots of 2016 by GoPro got almost 800,000 views on


Top Hits Of 2016 In 3 Minute Medley

Another beautiful recap medley of the best songs in 2016 performed by Michael and Carissa Alvarado aka Us The Duo.


Best Of WIN Compilation 2016

Martin and I put together the best videos we did have in our 12 editions of the "WIN Compilation" we