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The Try Guys Try The Weirdest Beauty Trends Of 2016

BuzzFeed went viral with this beautytainment video about "The Try Guys", resulting in over two million views on YouTube. Pretty!


Worst Friends of the Year 2016

The best of the worst. Fail Army published another compilation of this year's most entertaining fails. This time featuring friends


Epic 2016 Pop Medley + Mannequin Challenge

Yes, the "Mannequin Challenge" is an old trick, but you have to see this one at last. TheSamTsui got a


Best News Bloopers Of 2016

This just in: "The Ultimate 2016 Live TV News Bloopers" put together and uploaded by News Be Funny Video got


Best of Unnecessary Censorship 2016

The team of Jimmy Kimmel Live put together a best of of this year's "Unnecessary Censorship". There are a lot


Jimmy Kimmel Picks The Best Viral Video Of 2016

On a recent issue of Jimmy Kimmel Live we got to see the election of the best viral clip of


videogamedunkey’s Youtube Rewind 2016

It is that time of the year full of rewinds and reviews and retrospectives. videogamedunkey got his own "YouTube Rewind


This Is What People Searched For In 2016 On The Internet

Google just published their "Year In Search 2016" retrospect. In this two minute video we not only get to see,


YouTube Rewind: The Ultimate 2016 Challenge

Another year, another Rewind video by YouTube. Within minutes it had it's first million views, now after one day the


Best Of Girl Fails 2016

Another best of fails video by Fail Army. This time it features the best fails being performed by the lovliest


People Are Awesome: Best Videos Of The Year 2016

A year of awesomeness and people. So People Are Awesome put together a best of video of 2016 and publish


People Are Awesome: Golf Edition

Some crazy footage put together by People are Awesome. The best of golfing 2016. And yeah, that sounds kind of