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50 cent – One dollar


50 Cent’s In Da Club Has That Very Furry Cover You Know You Wanted

50 Cent is pretty gangster, but he ain't got a thing on Fozzie Cent. He kills it in this version


50 Cent As Maleficent

Hip hop rapper 50 Cent unveiled his brand new project on Jimmy Kimmel Live. In an unexpected movie, he has shifted


Zero Dark Fiddy On Jimmy Kimmel Live Parodies Zero Dark Thirty

Ironically, just after going viralviral for an embarrassing kiss at a Nascar race, 50 Cent has again climbed the trending


50 Cent Awkwardly Kisses Erin Andrews

Nascar and hip hop may not seem like they mix well, but that didn't stop the one and only 50


50 Cent Announces Street King Plan To Feed One Billion Hungry

50 Cent may seem like all 'gangsta,' but he's really a calculated businessman. He made great profits off investing in


Jay Pharoah Black Celebrity Impersonations

Jay Pharoah has some seriously great impersonation skills. Not only can he do the voice of the person he's imitating,


Obama In Da Club

Michelle and Barack break it down in India with a little help from 50 Cent.


Midget Dancing With 50 Cent – Down On Me

Keenan Cahill is famous for his great lip syncing and dancing. He first went viral dancing to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.


50 Cent Fills Lamborghini With Money Stacks

50 Cent shows off his riches putting stacks and stacks of one hundred dollar bills into his Lamborghini. He should change