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Schoolhouse Rock Star Wars Parody

There's not much more that screams "The 70's" than the classic Schoolhouse Rock cartoons. And though it debuted towards the


The Very First Showcase Showdown On The Price Is Right In 1972

The Price Is Right maybe the most beloved and exciting game show on TV. Everyone under thirty has fond memories staying home


The Avengers 1978 Style Trailer

As the release date for the much anticipated Avengers movie comes closer, more Avenger themed videos are going viral online. The latest to


Arthur C. Clarke Predicted The Internet In 1974

Every generation takes their technology for granted. In the 70's, every household had a television, toaster, and telephone. So when


Muhammad Ali’s Prophecy About The First Black President

Muhammad Ali is one of America's-and the world's-most famous boxers. After becoming a celebrity in the 60's, Muhammad was asked during


Ken Jeong Stars In Hands-Only CPR video

Has this ever happened to you? You and some friends are enjoying a game of charades, when the actor suddenly


Jerry Seinfeld First TV Appearance In The 70’s

This old clip posted in 2009 of Jerry Seinfeld from 1977 has just resurfaced online. Seinfeld appeared on Celebrity Cabaret, a


EPIC Lando Calrissian Trailer – BlackStar Warrior

This trailer is straight out of the late 70's with that Shaft style and attitude. I'll be honest, it's so