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Super Bowl 51 Highlights In 8-Bit Retro Gaming Style

Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots played on the old "Tecmo Bowl" game by irishkidd84. via: itsrap


Doctor Strange Redone In 8-Bit Graphics

A new issue of "8-Bit Cinema" by CineFix. This time it features Benedict Cumberbatch in his role as "Doctor Strange".

Stranger Things – 8 Bit Cinema

Awesome adaption done by CineFix, who show us an animated point-n-click type game of the Netflix hit show "Stranger Things"


If Presidential Candidates Trump And Hillary Were Made Into Retro Video Games

There are a lot of bad videos games out, especially from  the early days of gaming. President Elect is one such game from


Skiing Is Much Cooler With 8-Bit Style Graphics Added

Norwegian skiier and filmmaker Nikolai Schirmer hiked up Norway's Isskard Glaicer and skied down while wearing wearing a GoPro camera.


Pixel Animation Made With 1,300 Rubik’s Cubes Is Awesome

Most people can't solve a Rubik's cube even once. But Mystery Guitar Man and his crew solved over 1,000 Rubik's cubes countless


Nerds Somehow Watch Netflix On Regular Old Nintendo System

Most people don't know, but the original Nintendo and Super Nintendo were made to do much more than just play


Pixelated Simpsons Intro Is Every Gamer’s Dream

The Simpsons are a staple today, but back in the early 90's they were still extremely fresh. Countless video games were made


This Is What The Matrix Would Look Like On The Original Nintendo

The Matrix became an instant cult classic after debuting at the end of the 90's. If only it came out


Jason Paul Freerunning In 8 Bit

Freerunner Jason Paul travels back to the 80's in this latest video published by Red Bull. Jason and Team Farang perform


This Is What Mean Girls Would Look Like As A Classic Video Game

Back in the 90's, the most unexpected movies were made into video games. If only the cult classic Mean Girls came out


Super Mario Game Of Thrones Intro

What if the Game of Thrones story took place in the Mushroom Kingdom of Super Mario World instead of the fictional