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Experience YouTube in #SnoopaVision

As you might have noticed, there is a new feature on YouTube available on specific videos that lets you click


Google Cardboard Plastic

It's finally one of the Internet's favorite holidays. Apirl Fool's! For this year, Google debuted this commercial for their latest high tech


Katie Couric Pranks James Corden

Usually, it's the late night host who is the one doing the pranking. Instead, famous news anchor Katie Couric pulled


Math Teacher Fights With Himself In Hilarious Projection Show For April Fools

Matthew Weathers is famous online for his hilarious April Fools pranks he puts on for his class each year. He has


I Did Nothing To The Coffee Fake April Fools Prank

Everyone is paranoid around the first of April. It's only natural. Realizing this, Jimmy Kimmel asked his fans to prank their friends


Bob Barker Guest Hosts On The Price Is Right For April Fools

Even though Drew Carey is as popular as ever, no one can ever truly replace The Price Is Right host


Rihanna Pranks Jimmy Kimmel

Rihanna knows how much Jimmy Kimmel likes a good prank, so she decided to prank the late night host in


Google Fiber Launches Introducing Dial-Up Mode For April Fools

Google loves April Fools Day. For this year, Google's Internet department known as Google Fiber has debuted this commercial for dial up


WestJet Airlines Debuts #SmartSeats Commercial For April Fools

Canadian airline West Jet loves publishing commercials that are unexpected from a world class airline. In honor of April Fools, they


Google’s April Fools Smart Mailbox Is Actually A Good Idea

Google's Gmail is one of the most popular and famous email services online. In honor of April Fools Day Google made


John Oliver Explains Why April Fools Day Is The Worst

One of the worst parts about spring is that we all have to endure another obnoxious first of April, aka


Student Pulls Epic Pregnant Phone Call In Class April Fools Prank On Professor

This professor has a policy that if your phone rings in class your punishment is that you must answer the