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The New Rick Roll

Popular YouTuber Ryan Higa has managed to pull off a classic Internet prank on his viewers. While attempting to discover


You Won’t Believe This Border Patrol Checkpoint Refusal

Videos of citizens recording their interactions with police and check point officers have become commonplace online. In honor of April


Do It Yourself Car Honda April Fools Commercial

Honda knows there are potential hipster costumers out there who aren't satisfied with a mainstream, already built car. When you're already


Cats Reacting To Cat Viral Videos Is Adorable

For their April Fools video, The Fine Brothers spoofed their own ever popular React series with cats reacting to viral videos instead


Rosetta Stone For Klingon April Fools Commercial

Have you ever wanted to learn Klingon, but felt the complex language was too difficult to master? Well worry no


Introducing Samuel Adams HeliYUM April Fools Commercial

It seems everyone is getting in on the April Fools fun this year.  Even Jim Koch and Samuel Adams is joining in the


YouTube Announces Upcoming 2014 Viral Video Trends April Fools

You know all those popular YouTube memes and jokes everyone loves to spread and share? YouTube Spotlight has finally admitted they are


School Bus Driver Pranks Riding Students With Cancelled School Day On April Fool’s

The First of April was nearly two months ago, but this straggler April Fools prank video by Kurtec01 has only been


WestJet Allows Animals Aboard “Furry Family” Flights April Fool’s Commercial

Last year, Canadian airline West Jet went viralviral with their hilarious April Fool's video featuring Child-Free Flights. That video currently stands with


Woman’s April Fool’s Prank That She Murdered Her Husband Ends With Police

April Fool's has been a been a big hit online, but one must be careful not to take the jokes


HondaHAIR April Fool’s Commercial Features Hair Cutting Attachment For Honda Odyssey Shop-Vacuum

In this new commercial, Honda took care of two birds with one viral video, promoting their new 2014 Honda Odyssey with the very


Funny Baby Panda Kiss – Infinite YouTube Commercials ‘Skip Ad’ April Fool’s Prank

By now, even the most novice YouTube viewer is familiar with the wide 'Skip Ad' banner at the bottom right