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Asking Girls Can You Put Your Number In My Phone

Online Russian prankster VitalyzdTv teamed up with LAHWF for the idea for his latest prank. He simply walked around the BYU campus wearing cool


Awkwardly Disagreeing With People After Asking Them For Help

LAHWF, the popular online college pranksters who specialize in awkwardness, have returned to the BYU campus to get down and awkward with


Asking To Borrow People’s Cell Phone And Then Running Away Prank

Now that pay phones have been almost completely wiped out, what is one supposed to do if they lose their


Being Awkward In Elevator Prank

Awkward college Prankster at LAHWF have again created a viralviral masterpiece. In the prank video, simply titled, 'Awkward Elevator,' Andrew acts as weird,


Hugging Strangers At Venice Beach Prank

Monotone Andrew Hails and prank group LAHWF have come up with one of their best awkward social experiments yet. Andrew just walked


Asking Random People Can I Get A Bite Of Your Food?

Andrew Hails of the prank comedy group LAHWF is back with their latest awkward social experiment. All college kids are hungry,


Holding Random People’s Hand Prank

The awkward college pranksters at LAHWF are back with another doozy campus prank. Andrew walked too close for comfort with random


Holding The Door Open For People Who Are Far Away

Comedy college prank group LAHWF is back with another prank video on campus. Everyone knows how awkward it is when a stranger