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Aladdin Riding Carpet Skateboard Through San Francisco

What if Aladdin took place today in 2016? Instead of singing to Princess Jasmine, Al would probably text her his


Flattening The Steep Hills Of San Francisco With Camera Trickery

San Francisco is famous for their extremely steep hills. Walking up and down these hills can be a serious pain.


Man Finds Out His Wife’s Water Broke When He Was Out Of Town

Film maker Casey Neistat was in San Francisco for work even though his wife was extremely pregnant in Houston because they didn't


Coach Jim Harbaugh Does Push Ups With Walrus

While visiting Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaughhad an itch to do some exercise. There


Pastor Performs One Minute Service To Make 49ers Game

John Christensen experienced the quickest church service of his life last Sunday.  Pastor Tim Christensen of Gold Hill Lutheran Church in Butte,


Matt Kemp Gives Disabled Teen His Cap, Jersey, And Shoes After Game

Dodgers player Matt Kemp has gone viral, and it's all because an unplanned act of kindness was caught on camera.


Man Rides His Piano-Bike Through San Francisco

Fifty-one year old Gary Skaggs has a very, very unique way to pay the bills. One day while relaxing with his


Crashing Cellphone Conversations At The Park Prank

Online prankster Greg of Mediocre Films tried out his Cell Phone Crashing prank again for the second time at a park in San Francisco, California. 


Empty San Francisco Time Lapse

The Thrash Lab traveled across San Francisco, taking in the timeless city as part of their Empty America series. After recording breathtaking video of


GoPro Camera Stolen By Seagull On Beach

Seagulls have been known to steal before. There's video of seagulls stealing some snacks, and even a recording video camera.


San Francisco Police Department: It Gets Better

More and more people and groups, famous and not, are coming out in support of the LGBT community, and really


Man Performs Perfect Rendition Of Johnny Cash Sunday Morning Coming Down

Jesse Morris is a musician who has a perfect Johnny Cash sound. If you close your eyes when he performs Sunday Morning