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Man Survives Terrorist Attacks In Boston, Paris, Brussels

It's of course terrible and terrifying when a terror attack strikes. But thankfully, the odds of being hurt in a terror


Carrie Fisher Is Hilarious In ABC Interview About Star Wars

As almost everyone already knows, Carrie Fisher is returning to the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, as a


ABC News Visits Apple’s FoxConn Factory

Recently, Apple has come under fire after rumors of sweatshop-like work conditions for their factory workers emerged. Now for the


Mute Autistic Girl Breaks Her Silence Using A Computer

This video from an older 20/20 ABC segment just went viral in the past couple days. ABC's John McKenzie covers


Toddler Saves Passed Out Mom By Calling Grandma With Cellphone

Lia Vega is only two years old, but was able to use her mom's cellphone to call her grandmother when


UP Flying House In Real Life

Engineers recreated the flying house famous from the Pixar cartoon UP. They spent all night filling hundreds of balloons with