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Star Wars: The Force of Abrams

It started with the reboot of the original Stark Trek series. Than it was announced he would be directing the


Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors

Living in the city has its perks, but one of the worst part about living in the city is sharing


The Idiot’s Guide To Money

Money! It makes the world go round and we all want more of it. But why? What's so special about


The Idiot’s Guide To Smart People And Sports

Now that even the weather has become politicized, the only thing left for idiots and smart people to talk about


The Idiot’s Guide To College

In the past, only the best and brightest went to college and they went with a career in mind. Today,


RealLifeStarter Helps Young Adults Get A Job And A Life

Over 20 million young adults are living at home. That makes for a lot of unhappy young people, but even


Sustainable Kidnapping

It's a new age. Organic and sustainable living is in. Even the criminals are getting in on the healthy trend.


Best Buy Real Home Theater Experience Commercial

Even though most consumers already have the most state of the art HD televisions and sound systems, electronic stores such


Jazz Fever Music Video Starring Rachel Bloom

Published by Above Average, the new music video Jazz Fever stars comedian and singer Rachel Bloom with a special cameo from Seth Green.