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Alligator Walks Across Golf Course With Huge Fish

Storyful uploaded this extraordinary scene on a golf course, that got over half a million views on YouTube over the


Making Music On Bananas

Unbox Therapy says that "you've never seen bananas do this...". Did you? At least over 800,000 people already did for


5 Egg Gadgets Put To The Test

The CrazyRussianHacker has some new kitchen toys he wants to show us (and already did to over a million people!).


Girl Puts On Full Body Peel Off Mask

Izabela Stress put herself in a lot of stress by putting herself into a lot of peel off mask. What


This Machine Sorts Candy By Color

Willem Pennings 3D printed this machine that can sort m&m's and Skittles and divide them into six bowls. "It's pretty


Cutting Out A Pike Eating A Bass Frozen In Ice

Just one thing: What the...?! o.O Trendy Outdoorsman got over 500,000 views on YouTube, presenting us his cool double fish


Parents & Kids Smoke Weed Together For The First Time

So wherever you come from: Of course you should only do this, when you are of age and it is


What If Everybody Lived In Just One Building?

Another interesting video by RealLifeLore who make everyone of us neighbours. Kind of. This theoretical video already gathered over a


Goldfish Is Steering His Own Aquarium

This is so cool! Alex Kent uploaded this invention by students from the Carnegie Mellon University, helping a goldfish getting


Most Stairs Climbed While Balancing A Person On The Head

Sometimes I don't really get how people got around to think of a world record discipline. Like this absurd category


Driving Ski Towed By A Car In Raleigh

A recent snow day in Raleigh brought a keen man onto the idea to drive a little ski through the


Horse Has Fun With Squeaky Toy

Debbie Barber came across a pretty happy horse. via: tyrosize