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Face Maske Made Of Real 24 Karat Gold

In Germany we have some restaurants where you can buy Currywurst with some very thin gold plates on it, that


How To Make A Skateboard From Toilet Paper

Beyond The Press uses a hydraulic press to turn a bunch of toilet paper rolls into a skateboard deck. It


NBA Pro Throws Free Throws Like A Child

Maybe it happened to you already, that you were new to a sport and didn't quite handle the "professional" way


Is This The Internet?

Uhm, o-kay... This video by Poppy, from Youtube, The Internet, got viral with a quarter million views within two days.


Driving Hitting 240 Green Lights In A Row

For some people, "luck" is to win in the lottery, for others it is to have lots of green lights


Movie Elf Recut As A Thriller

The Christmas days are over - so why not turn classic Christmas flicks into totally different versions? CineFix turned "Elf"


Planet Earth 2 Animals Scream Like Humans

Even though you know beforehand that Matt Amys did replace the screams of these animals from the BBC series "Planet


The 2016 Conan Staff Holiday Sweater Competition

Here are some very creative and/or funny outfits, that members of the Conan staff did make. "Can anyone top Barbara’s


If Men Breastfed

I never would have thought to blog a commercial about breast pumps, or that something like that could be funny.


Two Old Ladies Crash While Searching For The Candle Supply

The good thing: These two ladies driving over a street where there is none seem to be alright. The bad


This Guy Recorded What He Said While Sleeping Over The Year

"The Somniloquist" by Adam Rosenberg has gathered over 160,000 views within days. And he kind of got this views while


10 Most Paused Moments In Disney Movies

Screen Rant put together ten silly and absurd moments in popular Disney movies like "The Little Mermaid" or "Frozen". After