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Bridge Collapse in Moscow’s Gorky Park on New Year’s Eve

Bridge Collapse in Gorky Park on New Year's Eve There was an unfortunate accident that occurred on new year's eve…

Boat Gets Sucked in by Massive Wave

Boat Gets Flipped Over and Sucked in by Massive Wave We have another accident video to share today. This video…

Kiteboarding Crash in Cabarete with Shark

Kiteboard Crashes with Shark It is time to watch a crazy video! Have you ever seen anyone crash with a…

Explosion Turns Man Into A Human Fireball

Explosion Turns Man Into A Human Fireball A bad car accident was caught on camera on an icy road. This…

NYC Explosion Turns Sky Blue Hue

Transformer Explosion in NYC Explosion Turns Sky Blue Who knew that an accident could create something so beautiful! This is…

Protective Pup Worries Over Owner

Protective Pup Worries Over Owner You know that your dog really loves you when you see him trying to protect…

ATV Head on Collision with a Car

We have no idea how this guy not only gets up, but only receives a couple of bruises from this…

Drive In Fail

No clue how this person got themselves into this situation, but after watching the video, they definitely can't get out…

Woman Ejected From Her Car During High Speed Pursuit

A well executed PIT Maneuver brings a high speed chase to an end and the driver gets ejected from her…

Skywheel Breaks Sending Passengers Plummeting

A video from Pakistan shows passengers on a sky wheel plummeting to the ground when the ride breaks. We hope…

Train Crushes Truck

PSA: Don't get stuck on the railway, people. [embed][/embed]

Faceplant x 9

Don't ever get comfy when driving public transport.



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