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Kid’s Imagination While Playing On Boat Comes To Life

The power of the imagination of a child is truly infinite. What kid doesn't dream of riding giant stormy waves


Superhero Action Movie Kids Faces Off With Kevin Malone

Action Movie Kid is the adorable boy with an awesome special effects dad who has turned him into an Internet


Lucky Kid Gets A Hippopotamus For Christmas

Since he was such a good kid this year, Action Movie Kid got what he really wanted for Christmas. Sure, he was


Kids React To Action Movie Kid

Action Movie Kid became an instant Internet hero when his awesome computer editor dad started posting adorable and action packed clips


Action Movie Kid Compilation Part 2

Action Movie Kid is the lucky son of a talented special effects artist. With the help of dad, ACK has become


Toddler With Real Portal Gun

All gamers will recognize the portal gun from the popular 2007 puzzle game Portal. As his dad is an awesome computer


Action Movie Kid Plays Catch With Kevin Frazier

Action Movie Kid, the adorable kid with the awesome computer-editing dad, is only growing in popularity online. His latest video


Action Movie Kid Goes To School

Action Movie Kid isn't like any other child. Every mundane part of his life is packed with excitement! When he goes