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Interactive Billboard Shows Woman’s Hair Blown Around When Train Passes By

This interactive ad for Apotek Hjärtat's Apolosophy hair products placed on a subway platform in Sweden has gone viral. Video published…

The Ultimate (Sarcastic) Anti-Gay Marriage Ad

There's no question. LGBT marriage rights is still a hot button issue in America. Most people who oppose new gay…

Stride Mintacular Commercial Spoofs Apple Signature Advertising Style

The moment the commercial starts, everyone recognizes it. Another pretentious, obnoxious commercial from Apple with their cliche all white background, and…

From Love To Old Age Told Through Stock Images

We all recognize them when we see them. Stock photos fill up Sunday paper clothing ads, infomercials, and more.  To show…

Olympic Runner Ryan Hall Running Video Wall In NYC Subway Station

To spread the word about the New York City Marathon, ASICS created an amazing running wall in one of New York's…

Designer Lavin Paris Commercial Dancing To Pit Bull

Fancy, expensive designer clothing lines like Lavin Paris usually have elegant and sophisticated commercials and advertising. This may be the…



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