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Puppy Adorably Stretches Out On Top of Stuffed Animal

Adorable Puppy Looks Like a Stuffed Animal On Top a Stuffed Animal Get ready for a cuteness overload. Here we


Pomeranian sleeps in backpack during subway commute

Adorable Pomeranian Puppy Sleeps in Backpack A short video of an adorable Pomeranian Puppy sleeping inside the owners backpack. This


Baby Laughs Like a Chipmunk

You know why we are always excited about baby videos? Because it is always a thrill to see what these


Beagle Puppy Learning How To Howl

Okay, this is going straight to the top charts of cutest video of the year. Look at that adorable puppy


Baby Goat Making The Cutest Noise

Baby goats are adorable, I think we can all agree on that. But what if I told you they are


Soldier Surprises Mother At Work

We've seen these videos a thousand times, but what makes this one special is the great set up. The soldier


More Catnip!!1!

Is there anything cuter than a cat nipping on some cool beverage? She licks as if her life depends on


Goat Triplets In Sweaters

Is there anything cuter than these fluffy guys? Their fur prevents them from getting cold already, but their owner didn't


Best Pets of The Week

I know I can't live a week without checking some adorable animal videos, so this compilation feels like it's made


Baby Belly Laughs

Things are about to get totally adorable in here. [embed][/embed]


Adorable Raccoon Tries To Catch Rain Drops

When you know your adorable pet is that kind of guy who loves rain. [embed][/embed]


Dunkirk Survivor Is So Sweet

War veteran causes quite the stir at a Dunkirk premiere, he is so emotional and proud! [embed][/embed]