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Toddler Practises Soccer Celebrations

You cannot start early enough with training your goal celebration abilities, and this adorable boy knows it.

What Happens When A Child Superhero Wants A Hamburger

Even good old Spiderman craves a unhealthy meal every now and then. These boys show us what that looks like,…

Daddy Husky Meets His Baby Huskies For The First Time

Lots of puppy happiness and dog love in this video, we just can't stop watching.

Cat Reacts To Owner Who’s Been Away A Few Weeks

Spoiler alert: This video contains a lot of kissing and purring.

What God Looks Like According To Kids

These kids are adorable in describing what God looks like, and their imagination is as rich as you'd expect.

I’m fierce – Just kidding, i’m adorable

Wake up – I’m being adorable – Puppy

Samoyed Puppies Just Don’t Know What To Do And It’s Adorable

A wind-up toy frog can be a scary thing when you've never seen it before (and when it's yellow, what…

This Is What Happens When You’ve Seen The Movie Frozen Too Many Times

The adorable twins probably have seen Frozen one or two times too many. They don't even have to watch the…

2 Year Old Skiing His First Powder Day

This recent video by TheHowtoDad got viral, showing his 2 year old having his first contact with powder snow by…

Dog Throws Ball Over Fence So Passersby Play Fetch With Him

Such an adorable and clever dog! He's having fun all day playing fetch with a lot of strangers passing by.…

Look At These Cute Disguised Pugs For She & Him’s ‘Winter Wonderland’

Even if you are not fond of the music of "She & Him" or christmas music in general - your…



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