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Elderly From Around The World Give Sage Advice To Young People

Norwegian YouTuber Freddy Fairhair traveled around the world and asked senior citizens from all over the globe the same question: If


How To Say No To Drugs

It's not uncommon for parents to have a difficult time speaking with their kids about the dangers of drugs and


Impressionist Explains How To Perform Celebrity Impressions Using His Impressions

Impressionist Jim Meskimen finally reveals the big secret to performing good impressions. It's all about your state of mind. You have to


Things Boys Don’t Understand 2

NSFW Warning - Adult content, language, Jenna Marbles is inappropriate. After her first very successful 'Things Boys Don't Understand' viral video, ultra popular vlogger


Amy Poeler Answers Teen’s Make Up Question In ‘Ask Amy’

Amy Pohler fans are delighted after Smart Girls published the first episode of Ask Amy, a show where the Parks and Rec


Jon Hamm Answers Questions, Give Relationship Advice

Rookie Magazine has published this special first Ask a Grown Man series starting with Jon Hamm. The Mad Men superstar answers


Advice From Snow White

Here's some advice for little girls from Disney princess, Snow White. It's ok to sleep with seven men, but don't date