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Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Surprises Street Musician And Sings Along

This video went viral in September with over 3 million views, but is trending again now after being posted all over…

George Takei Sing Don’t Want To Miss A Thing Parody Old Navy Commercial

George Takei, most famous for playing Captain Sulu on the original Star Trek series, has resurfaced as a big name…

Amanda Brown Sings ‘Dream On’ On The Voice

Amanda Brown is the latest singer on The Voice to have a performance go viral online. She sang Aerosmith's classic Dream On to a…

Sarah Silverman Unicorn Juicy Fruit Commercial

Sarah Silver fulfills the dream of all little girls. She finally got to have a super cute unicorn. But just like…

Cher Lloyd Walk This Way, Girlfriend – X Factor 2010

After getting a second chance last week Cher Lloyd sings Walk This Way by Aerosmith with a 90's hip hop…



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