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Google Street-view Afghanistan


U.S. Soldiers In Afghanistan Recreate Miami Cheerleaders Call Me Maybe Music Video

Back in June, Carly Rae Jepsen's hit single Call Me Maybe was just starting to become a viralviral sensation. Like so


U.S. Soldier Survives Being Shot By Taliban Machine Gun Fire

NSFW Warning - gun violence and language. (It's war for heaven's sake!) You may have forgotten, but, yes, America is


Autistic Reporter Doesn’t Understand Why It’s Sad When American Troops Are Killed, But Not Taliban Troops

Faux news channel The Onion--not to be confused with Fox New Channel--hit a viral home run with their latest 'news report' from


Apache Helicopter Crash In Afghanistan

NSFW - language America asks a lot from their servicemen and women, and in return give them the best available


American Woman’s Sarcastic Apology To Afghanistan

Last week, American troops burned a bunch of Korans in Afghanistan, claiming there were secret codes in them being used


Deployed Marine Performs Emotional Christmas Song For His Wife

The Holidays are supposed to be a time of happiness, warmth, and family, but for those who can't make it


Soldier Fires Balloon From Rocket Launcher

War would be a lot less scary and deadly, and a lot more fun if soldiers only fought like this


The Ministry – Afghanistan Version Of The Office

One thing America is good at is exporting entertainment. Many countries take shows like America's Got Talent and American Idol,


Marine In Afghanistan Asks Mila Kunis To Ball

Serving in Afghanistan is tough. It's hot, and there's sand everywhere. Also, there's people trying to kill you. Many service


Marine Surprises His Sister At Her Graduation From Poly Tech

There are plenty of graduation videos this time of year, and there are tons of soldiers reuniting with family members


Police Motorcade For Fallen Soldier Jason Rogers

Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers was killed in Afghanistan. When his body was returned, a police motorcade escorted him to his