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F-18 Hornet Breaks Sound Barrier Flying By Aircraft Carrier

While working on an aircraft carrier it's easy to become desensitizes to the extremely expensive and powerful machines you work


Harrier Jet Pilot Executes Perfect Landing With No Landing Gear

Landing a Harrier jet perfectly on an aircraft carrier is difficult enough, but U.S. Marine Corps Capt. William Mahoney had to do


First Person View Of Final Check On Fighter Jet Before Taking Off Aircraft Carrier

Ever wonder what goes down before a fighter jet takes off an aircraft carrier? Now's your chance to get an


US Navy Builds Basketball Stadium On Aircraft Carrier Time Lapse

The US Navy is hosting tonight's college basketball game between University of North Carolina and Michigan State. But they're the


Fighter Jet Aborts Landing On Aircraft Carrier

Of all things in this world, landing a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier requires severe accuracy. Just a few feet