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KLM Offers Special Social Networking For Passengers Of Same Flight

With KLM's new Meet and Greet program, travelers can sign into their social networks and see other people who are on their…

North Korean Airline Serves Gross Hamburger

Next time you fly and complain about the food you are served, just think about North Korea's only airline, Air…

Surprise Bollywood Dance On Finnair Flight

In honor of India's Republic Day, passengers aboard a Finnair flight heading to Delhi, India were surprised with a special Bollywood style…

Airline Package POV

When you fly, you hand over your precious belongings to the ticket agent, and don't think about your luggage until…

Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants Perform Christmas Themed Safety Demo Dance

Cebu Pacific went viral back in 2010 with their safety demo set to Lady Gaga's Just Dance. Well, they have…

Turkish Airlines Soccer Manchester United Commercial

Turkish airlines has Manchester United do cool soccer tricks on a flight to show off in flight entertainment.


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