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SpanAir Gives Christmas Presents To Passengers On Luggage

On Christmas eve, SpanAir wanted to do something nice for their passengers flying that night. They decided to make personalized…

First Person RC Airplane Recordings Of South America

Dude hooks up a camera to his remote control plane. Sit back and relax. The views are breath taking.

Kanye Performs Gold Digger On Delta Flight

Lucky Delta passengers enjoyed a special performance by Kanye West on November 5th. Kanye rapped his famous Gold Digger song…

Boeing 747 Low Pass Over Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Man that's freaky. Huge Boeing 747 passes really low over the Golden Gate Bridge.

GTA San Andreas – Airplane Driving Backwards, Explodes

This is the weirdest thing I've seen in GTA, and there's alot of crazy stuff in these games. A plane…

Plane Lands On Highway In Georgia

A small plane made an emergency landing on the highway causing traffic to build up for miles.



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