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Alabama Country Girl Catches Giant Catfish With Bare Hands

There's country and then there's Hannah Barron. The nineteen year old Alabama girl may only be five feet tall, but she can


Professors Read Their Own Reviews on Rate My Professor

Before there was Twitter to complain about your teachers and professors there was It's still one of the best


Cat In Alabama Reacts To Snow For First Time

Much of the South, including Alabama, has been hit by a rare snow storm.  Mikeg lives in Alabama and let his


Cop Fired for Speaking Out Against Ticket and Arrest Quotas

As most people hope, former Auburn police officer Justin Hanners joined the force to help his community, fight crime, and


Amateur Alabama Fireworks Commercial

This 2009 video just became popular on MissCellania and StuffIStoleFromTheInternet. Two very, very Alabama women shake everything they have and try


Tornado Survivor Finds Pet Cat During TV Interview

Tornadoes hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama hard last month. Judy lived alone with her three cats, but when the tornado hit, one


Rare Footage From Inside April Tornado In Tuscaloosa Alabama

Only recently did this video surface of one of the Tornadoes that ravaged Alabama. A cameraman and his friend watch


Tornado In Tuscaloosa Alabama

There have been record numbers of tornadoes, flooding, and storms this spring. Who knows what summer will bring. One example is the