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Guy From Out Of Town Doesn’t Know What To Do When Tornado Siren Goes Off

Visiting a new place can be unnerving, especially when something goes wrong. While visiting¬†from out of town, Max found himself…

Girl Imitates Car Alarm On Violin

Anyone who has lived in a big city knows the sound of a car alarm all too well. More often…

Sleepy Dog Whines At The Sounds Of Alarm Clock

Everyone hates the sound of the alarm clock in the morning. Especially this adorable dog Oscar the Vizsla. When the…

Smart Dog Turns Off Alarm Clock, Hits The Snooze

The web just recently saw the smart dog who climbed on the counter and stole chicken nuggets out of the…

Dog Howls Along With Fire Truck Siren

There no question that wolves and dogs howl to communicate in some form. Often, even the smallest pup will let…


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