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How To Park A Fishing Boat With No Dock

How do you bring a boat to the coast with no dock? It might seem like a trick question, but


Moose Fight On Front Lawn Of House In Alaskan Suburbs

Most of us are used to seeing squirrels and birds frolic and play in the front yard. Maybe you'll see a deer


Black Bear Smashes Kayak Despite Women Begging

Most people would either run or freeze if they were confronted alone by a black bear in the Alaskan wilderness.


Boater Freaks Out When Pod Of Whales Breach Right Next To Him

Brad Rich was boating off the coast of Seward, Alaska on when they noticed some whale activity. After he grabbed his camera, the


Girl Goes Backpacking Alone Across Alaska

Alaska is truly America's last frontier. Most of the gigantic state is unpopulated. It makes the northern state the perfect place


Octopus Escapes Boat By Squeezing Through Tiny Hole

The Octopus is an amazing creature. Most people aren't aware of its incredible flexibility. Though it may look large, the octopus can


Vlogger Skips Rocks On Frozen Lake, Creates Coolest Sound

YouTube Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams has a slightly popular vlog channel with over 100,000 subscribers. But this new video has exploded online with


Alaskan KTVA Reporter Curses Then Quits On Air

Yesterday, Charlo Greene was just a no-name reporter for local Alaska news channel KTVA, but today she has become an instant Internet


Whale Launches Sea Lion Into The Air

The boaters of Anglers Adventures in Ketchikan, Alaska captured a rare scene of nature on camera. A desperate sea lion was hiding under their


Fox Tries To Eat GoPro Camera

YouTuber TheOpenLens went to Round Island, Alaska to record wildlife and spotted a fox. He now admits it was a stupid move, but


Terrifying Close Encounter With Alaskan Brown Bear

Alaska Department of Fish and Game tech worker Drew Hamilton captured an Alaskan brown bear incredibly up close on camera. The giant


Dog Draws Moose Away From Owners In Alaska

Over centuries of coexisting, malamute and husky dogs have developed an instinct to draw large, dangerous animals away from their