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Man Performs Song For Mom Who Has Alzheimer’s

Anyone who has dealt with the disease knows just how devastating Alzheimer's Disease can be. The person you love is


Eldery Alzheimer’s Patient Remembering Her Daughter Will Make You Shed A Tear

Alzheimer's is debilitating to the person who suffers from the neurological disease as well as their family. Countless memories that


Man With Alzheimer’s Buys Gift For Wife With Help From Police

Melvyn Amrine was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease three years. Now, simply walking around the block alone has become impossible. So when


Elderly Man With Alzheimer’s Reacts To Dog In The Sweetest Way Possible

As anyone with friends or family members with the condition knows, Alzheimer's Disease is devastating. Patients often lose their ability to


Seth Rogen’s Opening Statement Before Senate Hearing On Alzheimer’s Disease

Seth Rogen is a popular Hollywood actor and comedian, but he put (most of) the jokes and giggles to the


Samuel L Jackson Announces New Life Of Vigilantism In Monologue For Alzheimer’s Awareness

NSFW Warning Language Two days ago, Samuel L Jackson posted a link on Reddit asking users to submit a 300


Israeli Alzheimer’s Association Pranks Multiplex Theater To Raise Alzheimer’s Awareness

The Israeli Alzheimer Association (EMDA) went to Israel's largest multiplex, Cinema City, and with their cooperation, played the wrong movie for film goers.