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Amazing Lightning Over Austin

[rumble][/rumble] An incredible display during a storm in Austin, Texas. More


Man Breaks Bricks By Hand

Guy Breaking Bricks With Nothing But His Hand Ready to watch a surprising video? Check this video out of a


83 Year Old Man Foils Armed Robbery

The armed robbery of a betting shop in Glanmire, Cork, was foiled on September 15 when 83-year-old Denis O’Connor (our


Couple Loses a Combined 400 Pounds!

Good Morning America introduces us to Danny and Lexi and their amazing story about a total body and lifestyle transformation. This


Humpback Whales Surface in Front of Lodge

Humpback whales aren't often known for making appearances so close to shore, let alone right in front of  The Great


This Epic Chain Reaction Trick Shot Runs Through A Whole Bar

Why just make a trick shot on ONE pool table? How boring... Try a dozen! Like in this epic trick


Mimosa Pudica Plant Plays Dead When Touched

This video from 2008 has had a recent surge in popularity after being featured on Reddit, and has subsequently amassed


Australian Canoer Team Pick Up Koala Bear That Swims Up To Them

The Burleigh Point Australian OCC team were practicing when one of them spotted an adorable koala bear at the shore. The


Artist Shows Beluga Whale His Sketch Book

Everyday, more and more evidence is found showing that animals are much more intelligent than we give them credit for.


Amazon Yesterday Shipping Might Destroy The Space Time Continuum

Amazon has been called the Walmart of the Internet, selling every product from A to Z. They aren't only convenient, but


Driving Down The Atlantic Ocean Road In Norway

This video of the Atlantic Ocean Road published at the end of last year just had a second viral surge,


Woman Plays Catch With Elephant At Zoo

The zoo is full of magic, and this woman experienced it first hand. In this video published by PETSAMI, a tourist at the zoo