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Kanye West Auditions For American Idol

What was once the hottest TV show in America has come to slow, sad end. That's right, this is the


Bad Lip Reading Of American Idol

American Idol used to be the biggest, most exciting talent show on TV. Now, the show has grown old and


Lazaro Arbos Beautifully Sings Bridge Over Troubled Waters On American Idol 2013

On all the American Got Factor talent TV shows, only a few special singers stick out of the crowd enough


Kelly Clarkson Raps Eminem’s Lose Yourself At Detroit Concert

The original Texas-sweetheart American idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, donned on her sweatshirt and hoodie at a recent concert in Detroit


Little Girl Throws Temper Tantrum After Jessica Sanchez Loses American Idol 2012

Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips faced off head to head in this year's American Idol finale, and Philip ended up with


Jessica Sanchez – I Will Always Love You American Idol

Jessica Sanchez has just gone viral after belting out a beautiful cover of the late Whitney Houston's I Will Always


Mom Freaks Out Over Scotty Winning American Idol

Every year there is another American Idol season, the show loses more and more of its uniqueness. The judges keep


Jennifer Lopez Cries On American Idol

Chris Medina broke America's heart with his story of his handicapped girlfriend. Now the judges must break the terrible news


Scott Dangerfield American Idol Audition 2011

Scott Dangerfield looks like a nerd. The judges don't expect much. But Scott blows them away singing Dreamin by Amos


Chris Medina American Idol 2011

There's always a bunch of cute, eye tearing stories on American Idol. But this one really tears your heart. Chris's


Chubby Jacee Badeaux Sings Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay American Idol 2011 Audition

Fifteen year old Jacee Badeaux looks only twelve, but sings like a professional. He's a little chubby, but that's more


Travis Orlando American Idol 2011 Audition

Travis Orlando and his family from the Bronx had a difficult life. They even lost their home while their father was sick.