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Dogs Herding Ducks

20 August, 2019



T. Rex on American Ninja Warrior

As a genius marketing tool to spread their show's presence online more, American Ninja Warrior had a very special athlete try out


Man Becomes First Ever American Ninja Warrior Champion

Similar to Iron Chef, Ninja Warrior is a Japanese TV show that became underground favorite in America until an American version was


Toddler Completes Backyard American Ninja Warrior Course

Kimberly Koge's cute toddler Yoshi is a huge fan of the extreme obstacle course TV show American Ninja Warrior. So


Usher Takes On Ellen’s American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Apparently, Usher can do more than just a sing. The talented dancer proved just how in shape he is on The


First Woman Passes Ninja Warrior Semi-Final Round

Like Iron Chef, Ninja Warrior has made its way from the TV world of the Far East. Now we have


American Ninja Warrior Submission Video

There are many Asian stereotypes online, and Nehcney fits almost all of them. He has a degree in mathematics and plays an



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