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Conan Makes Spoof CNN Report In Cuba

Conan's special in Cuba has been a great success. While on top of a Havana roof top, Conan started to


Anderson Cooper Tries A Schizophrenia Simulator

Schizophrenia used to be a mental disease that confused and baffled doctors. Before modern medicine, many thought that those suffering


GoPro Camera And Creator Nick Woodman Featured On 60 Minutes

The GoPro camera has become an Internet staple with official GoPro videos going viral regularly. Content creators love the simplicity,


Speed Painter Paints Anderson Cooper Portrait Upside Down

Anderson Cooper's daytime show Anderson may be coming to a close, but this older video from last May has only


Anderson Coopers Questions Woman Who Regulars Church Who’s Pastor Called For Gays To Be Fenced Off

The Internet and the majority of America was outraged after video of pastor calling for gays to be locked behind


Anderson Cooper Kicks Human Barbie Off Show, Calls Her ‘Dreadful’

Anderson Cooper's new show Anderson hasn't been doing to great in the ratings lately, but that all changed after a clip from


Aziz Ansari Pranks Anderson Cooper With Look A Like

Comedian and Parks And Recreation star Aziz Ansari has been growing in popularity, and has just released his very own $5


Anderson Cooper Gets The Giggles During RidicuList Dyngus Day Report

Anderson Cooper is one of CNN's most popular hosts for his honest, serious journalism, and for his fun, youthful flip


Bethenny Frankel’s Wardrobe Malfunction On Anderson

Reality TV star Bethenny Frankel had an embarrassing moment on Anderson Cooper's new show, Anderson, that had the entire crowd


Anderson Cooper Interview Religious Teen Exorcists

CNN's Anderson Cooper has been having a tough time getting better ratings for his new show Anderson, and segments like this


Anderson Cooper Tries Coffee, Spinach For First Time

Anderson Cooper is the famous CNN host of the hit news show AC360. More and more TV personalities are diversifying


Anderson Cooper Gets Spray Tan With Snooki

Anderson Cooper has always had a strange obsession with MTV's Jersey Shore, especially with Snooki. Finally, on his new show,