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Keeping People Dry With Giant Umbrella

Finally, here's a prank that is sure to make you smile. While filming another video, it started raining on Luke Donohue and his


$20 On A Fishing Line Prank

This latest gag by prankster Andrew Hales of LAHWF may seem inspired by cartoons, but that doesn't make it any less effective.


Paying For People’s Groceries

In honor of Thanksgiving, Andrew Hales of LAHWF ditched the goofy pranks and social experiments that he is so famous for to


Powerful Interviews With Homeless People In Atlanta End With $200 Giveaway

After pulling off some shinanegans in Atlanta, Georgia, Andrew Hales of LAHWF and Kyle and Josh of Give Back Films decided to get serious and do


Littering In Front of People Social Experiment

Andrew Hales of LAHWF teamed up with Kyle and Josh of Give Back Films for this latest social experiment.  During a large running event


Taking Money From A Dropped Wallet Social Experiment

For his latest social experiment, renown online magician and prankster Stuart Edge allied with equally prominent Internet jester Andrew Hales.  The two


Pretending To Be Macklemore Prank

Any fan of Andrew Hales of the popular LAHWF YouTube channel knows how similar he looks to Macklemore. So in honor of


Telling People On The Street “I’m High”

Andrew Hails of LAHWF teamed up with contact lens company Camo Eyes for his latest silly prank.  In his usual relaxed and awkward demeanor,


Tipping Servers $200

Online pranksters Andrew Hales of LAHWF and Stuart Edge have executed enough pranks to be YouTube famous.  Now the two want to give


Sweeping College Girls Off Their Feet

Popular pranksters Andrew Hales of LAHWF and Stuart Edge teamed up for their latest prank project. To start the school year off positively, the


Awkward Escalator Prank

Awkward prankster Andrew Hales of LAHWF has struck again, this time at a mall escalator. While riding up the escalator, Andrew tried


Telling People Spoilers Outside The Theater Prank

There's nothing worse than trying your best to ignore any media coverage of the big summer movie you are waiting