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Hit Songs Of 2016 Played On Household Items

Just like in 2014 and 2015, YouTuber Andrew Huang performes the top hits of the year with household items. This


Getting Ready In The Morning Remix

We all get up in the morning with the same tasks at hand. Take a shower, get clean, shave and


Pop Hits Of 2014 Played With Household Items

There have been too many pop music hits too count this year. To end 2014 right, musician Andrew Huang made this epic


Epic Office Holiday Remix Is Super Catchy

Remix artist Andrew Huang teamed up with digital marketing agency Klick Health to create a one of a kind remix using only the sounds


Singing 26 Music Genres In One Song Part 2

Back in 2013, singer Andrew Huang went viral with his song where he packed 26 music genres into one performance. That


’99 Red Balloons’ Performed Using Red Balloons

Musician and remix artist Andrew Huang is trending after debuting his latest music project. Instead of covering the 2000 pop song 99


Rap Song Without Using The Letter ‘E’

The letter 'E' is the most common letter in the word game Scrabble. And for good reason. The popular vowel


Dubstep Beethoven

Dubstep is the epitome of modern music. Beethoven on the other hand is basically as classic as it gets. Can


Breaking Bad Theme Covered On Meth Lab Equipment

Like nearly everyone else online,  Andrew Huang is extremely excited by the return of the final episodes of Breaking Bad. In


Song Made With Water

Andrew Huang is quickly making a name for himself online as a unique musical creator. He doesn't just cover pop songs.


26 Music Genres In One Song

Musician Andrew Huang and his partner Dave have gone viral with their new song. Not only do they pack in over 25


Rock Paper Scissors Rap Song

Last week, musician Andrew Huang went viral with his Paper Beat musical piece made with just a piece of paper. Well, that