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Girl Thinks Her Tongue Fell Out After Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

So cute and funny! Maria got a little high at the dentist... Marianna Pascarella uploaded this video of her resultating


Woman Patient Under Anesthesia Proposes To Her Nurse

Oh this is really cute! A woman got to the hospital for treatment of her broken arm. But the broken


Brothers Pranks Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse

It's the job of every older brother to prank their baby sister. And Cabot Phillips takes his role very seriously. So after


Grown Man Cries That He’ll Lose His Head After Dental Procedure

There are literally countless videos of people on YouTube tripping out after a dental procedure in which the medications are


Boy Is Really Out Of It After Waking Up With An Arm Cast

Little Walker broke his arm in two places after falling off of a rope swing. When he arrived at the


Girl Really Wants To Be Nicki Minaj After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Like so many people before her, Jayci Stephen was a bit loopy after having her wisdom teeth removed. Naturally, her boyfriend


Girl After Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Hilarious

Lacee Garcia is the latest girl to publish a hilarious post-wisdom teeth surgery video.  Naturally, she couldn't hold back from crying as


Doctor Lets Kid About To Have Surgery ‘Knock Himself Out’

This video by Patrice Hunt was posted over a year ago, but has only gone viral now with 400,000 new views! There are


Man Recovering From Anesthesia Gives Office Executive Presentation

Ben Hallert recently had surgery requiring general anesthesia. In the recovery room, his wife captured some video of him waking up from


Girl After Wisdom Teeth Surgery Cries That She’s A Nascar Driver

It's been a while since a post-wisdom teeth surgery video went viral, but it was worth the wait as this


Man Waking Up From Surgery Suffers Temporary Amnesia, Is Shocked By Beautiful Wife

NSFW language  Waking up from surgery is always rough, especially when one suffers from temporary amnesia. But Jason Mortensen has a truly


Stoned Golden Retriever Is Too High To Fetch

Last month, YouTuber Cozmcchuck took his pup into the vet for a check up which required some general anesthesia. It was no