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Dirty Hippies

When Your Dog Tries Too Hard

50 Pesos

The Battle Owl

Guys Be Like, Baby U Still Mad?

Happy Dogs, Angry Cats

You Think Grammar Is A Game?

My Precious: Angry Cat Looks Angry

Deer Lord

The ShutTheFuckUp-Song

Finally a song to all the trolls and idiots out there. Share them the link to this article, if they…

Angry Garbage Man Freaks Out, Destroys Mailbox

This video from 2009 just went viral now, being viewed more than 100,000 times this weekend. A very angry garbage…

Angry Grandpa Hates Rebecca Black

TheAngryGrandpaShow¬†highlights, well, an angry grandpa. He screams, yells, and curses about whatever is making him mad that day. This episode…


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