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Girl Teaches Her Dog To Meow Like A Cat

Sure, your dog can fetch a ball, and roll over. But can it do this? Paula Mendes has been teaching her dog


Kitten Loves Putting Stuff In Shoe

What do you do when your pet has a weird habit of putting your things in your shoes? Capitalize on


Beacher Goer Trains Pelicans To Dance

Nestor Bonilla was visiting the beach in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico when they met a very interesting man. He was a pelican instructor. Incredibly, the


Smart Raven Messes With Caretaker

Ravens are one of the smart birds in the animal kingdom. Mischief the White-Necked Raven is well trained and can make a


Smart Dog Fills Kiddie Pool For Herself

Charlie Ogard's six month old Labrador is more than just adorable, she's also very smart. Nearly all dogs enjoy a splash in


Pet Rat Tricks Might Surprise You

When most people hear the word 'rat' only negative images come to mind. Vermin. Diseased. Gross. But Abby Roeser wants people to


Welsh Guy ‘Trains’ Seagull To Dance

Training a domesticated animal is one thing. But apparently, Mr Tomostan managed to train a random seagull to dance in New


Dog Freezes When Picked Up

Jennie Kay Blair Ferguson's dad has an adorable little dog that really hates Daniel. Whenever Dan is around, the cute


Mouse Adorably Rings Bell To Have Door Opened

YouTuber MouseAgility specializes in training his pet mice. For their latest trick, he has taught his mice to ring a tiny,


Genius Dog Climbs On Counter, Opens Oven, Steals Chicken Nuggets

Rodd Scheinerman has one very smart, and daring, pet beagle.  While he was out of the room, he set up a


Rabbit Nods Yes For Veggy Treat

Dogs, cats, and rats aren't the only pets that can perform tricks.  Bahnny's adorable bunny rabbit, Uffa, apparently taught herself


Pet Rat Drinks From Tiny Cup

Minneapolis writer, comedian, and avid rat lover Moore Stuff has taught his pet rat an adorable trick.  How to drink from