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Jumpy The Dog Performs Impressive Tricks

Dog trainer Omar von Muller is truly a master. With his canine buddy Jumpy at his side, the two demonstrate all the


Cowboy’s Well Trained Dog Is The ‘Best Listening Dog In World’

PetTube published this vintage pet video over the weekend, entitled The BEST Listening Dog in the WORLD, and already it has garnered over


‘Houdini’ Horse Opens Horse Stall Doors And Locks With Her Mouth

Mariska the Friesian Mare is not your average equine. Channeling the spirit of the ultimate escape artist Harry Houdini, she


Cat Wins Shell Game On First Try

Pets, especially cats, playing, and even winning at, the famous shell game is nothing new online. Nevertheless, cat lover moonli927's video


Mouse ‘Buys’ A Treat Trick

This video was actually posted online eleven long months ago, but it has only started to trend now. Professional mouse


Hamster Plays Dead After Being ‘Shot’

Playing dead is a common trick to teach dogs, but rodents? It seems a little more difficult to a hamster


Cat Taps Owner To Be Petted

One of the most frustrating parts of being a pet owner is not knowing what your pet wants. They can't