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Escaped Python Sparks Panic on Busy Road During Rush Hour

This is the terrifying moment a rampaging python brought havoc on a busy road as drivers battled to catch it


Dog Goes After Owner With a Knife

The majority of the works either likes or loves dogs. However, when the dog is coming at you with a


Man Falls Into Lion Enclosure

A man presumable drunk, high or mentally incapacitated enters the lion's enclosure at a zoo somewhere in India. This video


Little Girl And Giant Bunny Share A Meal

Nothing more fraternising than sharing a meal. You might not have the same taste or despise the food the other


Best Pets Of The Week

It's a tough job, making a compilation of the best pets. I mean, how many pets are there really that


Baby Elephant Has World Cup Fever

Too bad there is no such thing as an animal World Cup of football. Or not that I know of


The Running Of The Goats

If you're a sucker for goat's noises, this one is for you. If not, turn down the volume a bit.


A Zebra Shark Wont’ Let This Diver Work

This diver is just trying to do his job, but can't resist the zebra shark that comes flying through. I


How Much Do You Know About Frog Fish?

Is it a frog? Is it a fish? No, it's a frog fish. Yeah, I know. It creeps me out


Best Pets of the Month Video Compilation

These little animals are the best pets of the month. It's hard to make this list, as 99% of pets


Baboons React To Their Own Reflection

Do you remember watching in the mirror for the first time? Remember how you reacted? Maybe this video will spark


Grey Wolf Chases Family In Car

Driving your car through wild nature can be gorgeous and exciting. And a little scary maybe, when wild predators starts