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Husky Dog Sings With iPad

The famous dog, Mishka, sings with the help of an auto tuning app on an iPad.


Dog With Longest Tongue In World

Puggy has the longest recorded canine tongue measuring at 4.5 in (11.43 cm) and belongs to Becky Stanford. Now Puggy is


Hungry Baby Kitten Fed With Syringe

This cute little kitty keeps playing with the feeding syringe.


Never Say No To Panda Commercials

If you say no to Panda products, a guy in a panda suit with mess you up good. The panda


OK Go – White Knuckles Music Video

OK Go are famous for their Epic YouTube music videos. For there newest single White Knuckles they don't disappoint. I


Dog Afraid Of Whoopie Cushion Fart

This dog is so cute. His owner makes a whoopie cushion fart and he shuffles away and barks at it.


Every Home Needs A Harvey – Commercial For Think Box

A couple are at the pound to pick a new dog. Harvey turns on the flat screen to show all


Panda Dancing To Soulja Boy Pretty Boy Swag

Just the dancing panda chilling to Soulja Boy's song Pretty Boy Swag. First the panda danced to Antione Dodson's now


Baby Monkey Rides Baby Pig

Ready for double cuteness? Here's a baby monkey riding a baby pig. I don't know if the pig likes it


Happy Inside – 100 Cats In IKEA Store Commercial

Using cats for an Internet marketing campaign? Genius. IKEA let loose 100 cats in their store. The music is Pianni


Boxing Kitten

This kitten is getting ready for a fight. Que Rocky music.


Nissan Leaf Polar Bear Commercial

Nissan marketers take a stab at everyone conscious. This polar bear sees his home melting away, so we must leave