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100 Cats Released Into IKEA Store

IKEA knows that the Internet loves cats, so to make a viral video marketing campaign they just took an IKEA


Lazy Dog Lies Down During Dog Walk

If this puppy doesn't want to walk, he has a plan. Lie down and be a stubborn ass. It seems


Hummingbirds In Slow Motion With Relaxing Music

The music is beautiful and the birds move with such grace. Humming birds are truly amazing creatures. The footage is


Lion Attacks Trainer At MGM Las Vegas

The lion starts to attack one of the trainers. The second trainer and even the female lion try to stop


Cat Parkour PK

Parkour is the Internet sensation of people with incredible jumping skills. Here are cats showing off their amazing feline parkour


Cat Slowly Peeking Through Window With Inception Music

Some genius stole the original video of a cat peeking into a window slowly, and added dramatic Inception music. Freaky.


Cat Slowly Picks Up Head, Looks Through Window

Just wait for it. This funny, cute cat slowly picks up his head and looks into the house. Then slowly


Cobra VS Mongoose

The cobra can grow up to 7 feet in length and has poison that can kill a human. The mongoose


Cat Playing Duck Hunt

This is an older video, but just EXPLODED online. CollegeHumor, Ellen Degeneres, and others are featuring this now viral video


Cat Likes To Be Vaccumed

Another cat video that just went viral. The Internet and cats go together like bread and butter. He seems to


Dodge Commercial ERASES Monkey!

Here is the original Dodge commercial with a cute monkey pushing a pump to spray some confetti in honor of


Cute Corgi Dog Belly Flops Into Water

This little dog is so cute, he's even wearing a life jacket. At first he's hesitant, but with some coercion