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Pigs Are Smarter Than You Think

Pigs are often associated with mud and dirtiness. But did you know they are actually one of the smartest animals


Dog Tries To Wake Up Sleeping Pig

What do you usually do when your best friend is asleep and you want to play? This dog's best friend


Horse Plays With Stuffed Toy In The Snow

Does it ever get cuter than this? Despite the cold and the wet hooves, this horse manages to make the


Bearded Dragon Waves Hello

It can be boring sitting behind glass windows all day. People passing by, throwing a glance your way. So why


BBC Reporter Mobbed By Lemurs

Reporting on location is harder than ever. Danger in looming on every corner, and even in nature nowadays criminals are


Darth Penguin

Penguins are of great use when you need to calm your nerves. Just watch them wiggle about for a few


Best Pets of The Week

I know I can't live a week without checking some adorable animal videos, so this compilation feels like it's made


Getting Nails Done

Did you know parrots have very strict cultural beliefs about beauty? In a way, they're very similar to us. Take


Part 2 Of The Best Fails Of 2017

More people face-planting, more kids bumping into things, animals not understanding simple concepts and so on. 2017 was a great


Spaghetti In A Sweater

Even though snakes are cold-blooded, they can get cold sometimes. So what better solution than to knit them a custom-sized


Animals Hugging Humans

If you own a pet, I'm sure you love to hug it. A lot. But did you know there are


Deer Goes Grocery Shopping

Animals are taking over!! A deer has been spotted bargain hunting in a grocery store! Imagine what would happen if