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How To Be Old

This animation describes perfectly the fear of becoming and being old. Which feelings do you let in and which emotions


These Five Animated Movies Look Different In Every Country

We all know and love Pixar and Disney productions, as they take great care in engaging the audience and showing


Do Cats Really Hate Water?

Simon from Simon's Cat tells us all there is about the ever-being struggle between water and cats - and got


Why Did T Rex Have Such Tiny Arms?

Poor boy. Always getting rejected and made fun of because of his tiny little arms... Maybe that is the reason


Everything Wrong With ‘Up’ In 16 Minutes Or Less

Another hard truth by CinemaSins who disect Disney's animated movie "Up". "Up is one of the few Pixar movies we


Cyanide & Happiness Shorts: Pool Party

Just an ordinary Cyanide & Happiness party. With already over 1.4 million guests. Sweet! "Hey man, cool party!"


Honest Trailers – Moana

Another "Honest Trailer" by Screen Junkies going viral right now. This time they tell us the truth about "Moana", resulting


Who Framed Roger Rabbit – The 3 Rules Of Living Animation

Over 600,000 people have already seen this informative and interesting analysis and presentation of kaptainkristian showing us, what an art


How Star Wars Rogue One Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended again got a trending video on YouTube, this time telling us (and Disney!) how the


Cyanide & Happiness Short: The Waterpark

Another silly and studpid and awesome short by Explosm Entertainment aka "Cyanide & Happiness". This visit to the waterpark got


This Is The First Trailer For The New DuckTales Reboot

A first look at the new version of the beloved "DuckTales", premiering this summer on Disney XD. This video is


Did You Ever Notice These Disney Easter Eggs?

Screen Rant put together this trending compilation of hidden easter eggs in Disney movies that got over 160,000 views yet.